Ask A Franciscan

Wearing a Tau Cross 

Aug 25, 2021 Ask a Franciscan
Am I allowed to wear a Tau cross? Can I wear it with knots? Because I have not taken the same vows, I’m not sure if it’s proper for me to wear the knots. 

Salvation for Extraterrestrials?  

Aug 25, 2021 Ask a Franciscan
Did Jesus visit them also and die again on the cross to free them from sin? I don’t know what we should believe about UFOs and life on other planets.

Jews and the Death Penalty

Aug 25, 2021 Ask a Franciscan
The Jewish leaders brought Jesus before Pilate because they said their law would not allow them to put anyone to death. However, earlier in the same Gospel, they were planning to stone a woman caught in adultery. Wasn’t this a death sentence?

Celebrating the Mass in Latin 

Aug 25, 2021 Ask a Franciscan
The other day at Mass, someone told me that the pope has said that priests can no longer celebrate Mass in Latin. Is that true?

What Is Purgatory?  

Jul 26, 2021 Ask a Franciscan
Who goes there? How can we help them? 

Wrong Dates for Catholic Saints?

Jul 26, 2021 Ask a Franciscan
Why does your online Saint of the Day feature have a different saint for that day compared to other books or websites? 

Where to Start in Reading the Bible? 

Jul 26, 2021 Ask a Franciscan
What book in the Bible should I read first so as not to get lost or give up? 

Living Our Faith Boldly

May 25, 2021 Ask a Franciscan
Over the past years, I have noticed a steady decline of the younger folks in the Catholic Church. Do you have any explanation for this exodus?

Help Needed 

May 25, 2021 Ask a Franciscan
Are there some resources for the struggle I find myself experiencing: believing that my mom, who died several months ago, is indeed in heaven with God? 

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