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Franciscan Spirit Blog

Notes from a Friar: A Mother’s Love

Oct 1, 2020 Franciscan Spirit Blog
If you think about it, one word might summarize how you could describe “mother love.” That word would be “nurturer.”

Why Should We Meditate?

Sep 28, 2020 Franciscan Spirit Blog
Forty is one of those numbers that seem to turn up everywhere. It has many symbolic meanings but in biblical terms, as well as in the Asian traditions, it points to the idea of process, a time of trial or preparation during which people are made ready for the next stage in their development.

What Is Holiness Really About?

Sep 25, 2020 Franciscan Spirit Blog
The word holiness can have a discouraging effect on people. Some immediately dismiss it, perhaps a bit sadly, since they believe that whatever it is, holiness is way beyond their reach.

Made in God’s Image

Sep 16, 2020 Franciscan Spirit Blog
A friend of mine told me recently that her sister exercises for one reason only: she knows her body is a gift from God, and she wants to show her gratitude by taking care of it. Sounds simple enough, right?

The Power of Home

Sep 15, 2020 Franciscan Spirit Blog
This fall marks six years since my family and I sold our 27-acre organic farm and the house we had designed and built ourselves—the place my wife and I thought we’d call home our entire lives. The grief of leaving that place and that life still runs deep in me.

Talking to God: Morning Prayers

Sep 14, 2020 Franciscan Spirit Blog
Throughout the day, we should be mindful that God wishes to continually hear from us. But how can we possibly speak to God every minute when we are obviously busy?

I Believe in One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church

Sep 10, 2020 Franciscan Spirit Blog
I'd like to offer my “pastor’s take” on the meaning of Church, and sacrament as I lead the assembly in the Creed each weekend.

Choosing Light Over Darkness

Sep 8, 2020 Franciscan Spirit Blog
We cannot tell the future, and so we cannot say with certainty what crises might occur in our lives and world tomorrow, next month, or next year.

Prayers for Friends and Family

Sep 8, 2020 Franciscan Spirit Blog
“Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing. In all circumstances give thanks, for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 16-18