Choosing Light Over Darkness

Sep 8, 2020
Choosing Light Over Darkness

We cannot tell the future, and so we cannot say with certainty what crises might occur in our lives and world tomorrow, next month, or next year. We can be certain that, as long as people populate the earth and are wonderfully and frightfully human, there will undoubtedly be trouble that will adversely impact us, our families, and our communities.

But we can be just as certain that we have a light inside, a spirit that inspires us and others, especially when crises arise. Moreover, each of us has talents, special and unique, that we can bring to bear before and after any of life’s challenges. The stronger we allow ourselves to be, the more vigorously we will bring out light and talents to ourselves and others, whenever and wherever hurt may happen.

Although there are serious, negative pressures all around us that work to chip away at our resilience and extinguish the light within, in the beginning and end, how we strengthen ourselves is up to us. And we are not helpless! As you’ve seen, there are many tools we have been given innately, tools that are free and available immediately to us. There are other resources, too, that can assist us to keep strong and that can provide help in specific ways when we might not have quite the right arsenal ourselves. And there are many others who provide light for us, inspiration and encouragement that show us if these mere mortals were able to overcome sky-high obstacles, we can do so, too.

If we work each day to build up strong bodies, we will be physically able to endure the grueling test of a crisis. If we nurture true friends and strong support systems, nourishing ourselves with what is good while pushing aside what is bad, we will be able to emotionally ride through the ups and downs of life’s challenges without being broken. And if we cultivate the Spirit within us, allowing a vibrant conversation with God to blossom and grow through our willingness to forgive and our desire to be grateful, we will never feel alone, unable, or abandoned.

I expect that I will weather many more crises—life was never meant to be easy! But knowing this makes the joy in life, the love and light, so much more precious. Living through hard times makes me understand how strong I can be, and how wonderfully gifted with good people, even strangers, around me who also desire good outcomes from even the hardest challenges.

This is where I think the greatest blessing from crises comes: The good, encouraging, and inspiring people God brings us throughout our lives. People who might be vastly different from us in personality, ethnicity, language, or creed, but who also desire to be more positive than negative, more of a catalyst for light than darkness.

I pray that, as we continue our life journey, we will be blessed with many good angels on earth, whether fast friends for years or those who move in and out of our days, but leave us with a moment of grace or a bit of warm comfort. Know that these people, too, have gone through crises and understand and have compassion for where you are in yours. And when you recognize just how many of these angels there are and that they recognize you as someone who also brings light, may you feel lifted, supported, loved, and gladdened—and ever ready to reach out to others, too, who need your talents, encouragement, and light.


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