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St. Anthony Messenger

St. Anthony Messenger May 2020

Dear Reader: The Many Faces of Motherhood

Oct 5, 2020
This month we will be celebrating Mother’s Day amid an unprecedented and very unsettling time. As a mom, my first instinct is to protect my children from anything that could hurt them.

Works in Progress

Oct 2, 2020
My son and I are working on a project together. He is trying to keep his room clean, and so am I. To be honest, keeping things clean is a never-ending effort in our home.

A New Encounter with the Psalms

Oct 1, 2020
I think one of the main aspects of Catholicism that has kept me coming back is the lushness, the intensity, and the fervor of how language is used within the faith.

Followers of St. Francis: Theresa Diersen

May 19, 2020
In her role, Theresa Diersen might be managing volunteers at the dining room for breakfast or dinner, making sandwiches for the center’s popular Bag Lunch Program (which feeds 600 day laborers in the area, some of whom make less than $35 a day), or helping with Cooking for the Family or Sarah Center.

Welcome the Stranger—Every Stranger

Apr 29, 2020
Next to abortion, immigration is probably the most divisive issue in our country. As Christians, we find ourselves torn between protecting our borders, upholding the laws, and caring for and welcoming refugees.

Editorial: A Franciscan Response to the Coronavirus

Mar 30, 2020
By now, no one needs to tell you about the impact of the pandemic we’re experiencing. There are a great number of inconveniences. There is also a lot of fear and confusion. Social distancing and the rate of change make all of our daily lives more difficult.